Medtric has incorporated its core antimicrobial nanotechnology into a complete line of advanced wound care and sanitizing products to meet both consumer and clinical needs. All of these products are designed to surpass stringent regulatory germicidal standards yet are family, pet and environmentally safe. These products include hand sanitizers and skin antiseptics.

“GoPlay” Antiseptics:

GoPlay Antiseptic Spray: no worries…just go play.

GoPlay is an over the counter product that was formulated to provide infection protection for minor cuts, scrapes and burns. The antiseptic spray is a water-based natural solution that does not contain antibiotics, harsh biocides, heavy metals or preservatives. Further, GoPlay provides rapid, broad-spectrum protection by killing 99.99%* of microbes within a single minute. The end result is a safe, pain-free, on-the-go solution for the entire family.


The underlining value of the Medtric emulsion technology is reduction of superficial bacteria without inhibiting wound healing.

In addition to GoPlay antiseptic, Medtric has completed a set of pivotal pre-clinical studies that demonstrate both the safety and efficacy of the antimicrobial formulations in clinical wound care agents and as hand sanitizers. Please contact us to receive additional information regarding our study methods and results.

*statement not yet validated by the FDA.